Deciding to get engaged is an exciting time. You’re faced with so many options right off the hop, after you have figured out the ‘when’, the next question is ‘where’? When focusing directly on NYC there are tons of public options. We’ve spoken about them recently in our hot blog post 8 Pros to a Public Proposal, however, there are some delightful advantages to going with a private proposal space as well. Here at Enchanting Engagements, we would be happy to walk you through the pros and cons of both when we get in touch. For a quick overview read on.  

This is your chance to make a grand gesture! This could include renting out the pub you first met at for an hour or two, a theatre, or the most popular lately, a rooftop venue giving a gaze at the unique New York City skyline. All of these options are sure to create a lasting impression one won’t soon forget.

Turn it into a party! By having a private venue, you also have the option of some places, after you’re through with the proposal the onlookers and yourself can enjoy your new engagement and celebrate in the same private space you just proposed in. Rather than video calling family and friends right after the fact you can enjoy them in the space with you in real-time. Enchanting Engagements can also offer catering, live music, and so much more.

Full disclosure! Unlike in a proposal staged at Central Park, or another public location It is much less likely to have your significant other stumble upon your surprise setup. Rather than seeing something when you come around the corner, you can be much more discreet. this also prevents unwanted onlookers. No chance at photobombs when the only people in the space are those approved by you. enclosed private venues also offer the perfect lighting and the chance for a quick change, if you’re caught off guard.

One more time! Having a space that holds so much significance to you and your partner, it’s likely to have the ability to book the space again for future events such as elopements, baby showers, religious events, and more.
With all of this to consider it can be a difficult choice between public and private venues for your proposal. Our event experts are on standby for any questions you may have leaning either way. Regardless, you have already made the right choice seeking professional help to make your day outstanding and a memory for years to come.