Planning an engagement can be stressful, there are so many things to consider! Location, décor, how to get them there, who you want to invite and so much more. It is one of the hardest events to be behind it all and mentally present for the moment. This is where Enchanting Engagements comes in. Our expert event planners are here to help! We’ve created a breakdown for those of you who have no idea where to start!

Let’s start with Venue! The easiest way to help decide is to reflect on the type of fun your partner likes to have.

– Fun, free-living, spontaneous, loves nature and the little things, Try the beach Proposal!

– Loves nights on the town, dressing up, and closing out the night, Try an enclosed rooftop proposal!

– Shy, introverted, likes small and sweet gestures, Try an outdoor rooftop proposal during the sunset!

– Classy, sleek, less is more kind of person, Try a proposal in the park!

Once you narrow down the venue, our experts can help pick the theme, flowers, decor, sweets, music, and of course personal touches, your proposal must be unique and tailored to your love story.

If you find yourself having trouble choosing the color of flowers an easy reminder: 

White Roses are timeless, soft, and will look elegant for years to come.

Red Roses are incredibly romantic and will be sure to catch your partner’s attention.

For your final touches, you will need a handful of favorite songs (four or five) and some of your best memories/pictures with you and your soon-to-be spouse!
That’s it! Planning an engagement with Enchanting Engagements takes all the stress out of the event. you can be fully present with your partner and in the moment, not worrying about any of the little things. Not only do we help you from start to finish, but we are also here to make sure family and friends are in the right space too. Have questions? We’d be happy to help in the live chat!