Are you looking for ideas on where to get engaged? Sometimes planning a proposal is overwhelming and you don’t know where to start. In New York City there are so many options and so many different venues, you really need an expert to help you narrow down where to go. I have compiled a simple list of ideas of where to get engaged in New York City!

New York City has some of the most beautiful parks in the country! When I think of New York City I always think of Central Park. With a park that is 842 acres big there are so many lovely areas to plan your proposal. One thing that is not easy about the park is getting to the locations. When you are planning and setting up a proposal there are a lot of moving pieces and props that need to be taken into consideration. Getting engaged is a special moment and you and your partner, you don’t want to put in minimal effort which is why props are essential to this. Central Park has small spots that feel like fairytales and are incredibly romantic but they’re in the middle of the park. At Enchanting Engagements, we know about all these spots, and we know how to get there efficiently with all of the best props to make your New York City proposal magical and stress free!

A proposal can be done almost anywhere but a safe bet is a restaurant but you have to make it special. The restaurants in New York City are some of the best in the world and it can be quite a task to try and choose one for a proposal. When getting engaged in a restaurant there are a couple of benefits that you don’t get in a park. First, you’re enjoying a lovely meal so you’re partner is already in a good mood! You can also have a couple of cocktails which helps calm the nerves when thinking about what you’re going to say during your proposal. It’s also typical of the restaurant to gift you champagne once you are officially engaged and who doesn’t love a free drink! This is all very easy and simple but there are ways to make a restaurant proposal more special for you and your partner. At Enchanting Engagements we work with the restaurant to make this experience one of a kind. We bring in props that will truly make both of you feel special as well as a couple of other experiences that we disclose when we have a consultation with you!

If you and your partner want to enjoy something more private proposal there is always the option of the beach. If you want to stay in New York City that is totally manageable because the borough or Brooklyn and the borough of Queens both have excellent beaches! Getting engaged on the beach is automatically romantic. The waves crashing as the sun sets creates one of the most gorgeous backdrops for photos. There are so many props you can bring to a beach proposal and make it really special. At Enchanting Engagements we have all the props you would need. It’s a pain to set everything up while also mentally prepping for your proposal, which is why you hire us. We call the flower shop, we set up the stage for you to really blow your partner away. Enchanting Engagements creates the environment of a fairytale that you will remember for years to come!

There are so many options for your proposal in New York City, and Enchanting Engagements is here to help! We have scoured New York City to find the perfect spots in Central Park and the best restaurants to pop the question. When working with Enchanting Engagements you won’t be disappointed, book now!