Do you ever go online dreaming about your engagement ring? Or do you go online looking for inspiration for your own proposal to the person of your dreams? I certainly do, and what I like to do is look up the most historic rings of all time. I figure out what I would like if I could have anything, or come up with an alternative that is very similar. Dreaming is believing, and I truly believe we all deserve an epic engagement ring! I have written down which ones are the most impressive and I will be sharing them with you! I have always loved royal engagement rings and have picked a few to share with you each week!

I’ll start with a lady who is known all over the world and that is Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She is gracious, makes the English monarch proud and she is also sporting one of my favorite engagement rings ever. I love that she doesn’t have a diamond and instead has a stunning sapphire engagement ring surrounded by diamonds. As many of us know this was the same ring that was given by Prince Charles to Princess Diana. One of the most beloved royals by many of us around the world and holds so much sentimental value to Prince William. This ring is unique and breathtaking all at the same time. Its classic oval shape will stand the test of time and will always be written about in history books.

The Duchess is not the only one with a sapphire engagement ring, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece also has the same stone. Her engagement ring is truly one of a kind sapphire, lay in an east-wing setting alongside a heart shaped diamond! A very rare shape for an engagement ring, but we love it! The east-wing setting lays horizontally on the band is often accompanied by two other stones. It’s an unexpected look for a ring but will entrance any eye that looks at it. The heart shape diamond makes it especially unique and she is one lucky lady to have received such a thoughtful engagement ring.

Another famous Royal that many of us know, or have heard of in songs, or seen her in some of her iconic films is, Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. Known for her stunning looks and flawless style, she also had an extravagant engagement ring to say the least! For an iconic woman like Grace Kelly, she was proposed to with a 10.48-carat emerald cut diamond ring from New York’s finest jewelers Cartier. At the time she was spending time in New York City and became friendly with film director Alfred Hitchcock who introduced her to Cartier on the fifth avenue in New York City. This eye-catching engagement ring quickly became one of the most famous engagement rings ever. When she received the ring from her beau Prince Rainer, she first wore it in her highly anticipated film for MGM, “High Society”, giving the world a front row seat to her stunning new engagement ring! This a ring that is not to be missed when exploring famous engagement stones through royal history.

There are quite a few show-stopping engagement rings, that I cannot possibly name them all in one post. These three are some of my favorites and are unique and remain iconic in the jewelry world. Next week I will write about a couple other famous royals with gems we all wish we had in our lives.