New York is one of the most magical places in the world. To be engaged here in NYC is on a lot of peoples bucket lists. Here in New York City we have buildings that are recognized around the world, that are incredible backdrops for any engagement photo. Times Square is one of those landmarks that a lot of people find romantic. It is a very exciting area of the city and when you propose you will have a roar of excitement erupt as everyone observes your special moment. This is w=one way to propose in New York but be prepared for a lot of attention. If you want something smaller but just as special that is iconic New York there are a number of rooftops that can make this day extremely special for you and your loved one. A spectacular venue for a proposal is a new restaurant that just opened in 2020 called The Edge. It has stunning 360 degree views of New York City. This rooftop is one of the most magical places in New York right now especially at sunset, You can have a breath taking painted sky as you propose to the person of your dreams and then enjoy champagne and watch the sunset fade completely and see the enchanting lights of the city while being newly engaged. There are also the classic buildings that never disappoint like the Empire state building. You can easily go up to the empire state building and propose or there are quite a few rooftops in close proximity that will be in the background for the perfect picture. If you’re not into being up that high in the sky I highly recommend one of the rooftops in midtown to propose. You will have the amazing background at your fingertips, along with some delicious cocktails to celebrate with after!

If you want a private proposal New York has plenty of options for this as well. It makes a lot of people nervous to think about other individuals being there for an engagement. I totally understand that which is why I’ve always thought about how wonderful a private area could be to propose. Central Park is hidden with so many cute secrets like places to host a proposal that anyone could use. New York also has many other parks as well that are hidden in posh neighborhoods all around the city. There is also the option of hiring a company like ours “Enchanting Engagements” which will work with restaurants to close a part of their roof so that you can propose with no one else there. It creates a very romantic scene that you will remember for a lifetime. Enchanting Engagements works with the restaurant and can haven’t very special elements set up that is just for you that will make this moment last a lifetime!

“ London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful”

Dorothy Parker