When is the best time to propose to your partner?

When it comes to planning the perfect engagement, the task can seem daunting. What kind of flowers should you pick? Where should I do it? The biggest question of all is how to plan the most special engagement for her without giving it away. Don’t worry, Enchanting
Engagements is here to help. When choosing a venue for your proposal that is memorable and scenic you can’t go wrong with hiring a specialist. They will also help you choose flowers and anything else you want to add to your special day. When it comes to grand gestures, a three-foot heart filled with roses is nothing short of spectacular. Although that is not always an option for a DIY proposal, there is still a huge potential for romance. This could include spelling your partner’s name out in roses or a pathway of rose petals to your proposal. The location could be the bedroom, your favorite donut shop in NYC, or even a stunning rooftop.

Locations can add a delicate second layer to your proposal. For example, a popular trend right now is proposing at home. This means you don’t have to get out, comfy clothes are acceptable, and you have easy access to the space. If you are looking for more of a flair, one of the best-kept secrets in New York is their rooftop spaces. Enjoying your engagement while getting pictures of a sunset skyline adds a once-in-a-lifetime feeling. Not only would these locations wow your partner, but they would also provide breathtaking photos for you to look back on. However, finding these locations on your own can be tricky, which is why we recommend hiring Enchanting Engagements. Hiring an event planner to plan your proposal is becoming more and more common.

Professionals know the best spots, how to keep it a surprise for your spouse and take the stress off your shoulders. They can coordinate caterers, photographers, videographers, musicians, and more! They can also assist in getting family and spectators to the event, placing them in the perfect position to view, but not be in the way. Overall, there are countless ways to make your engagement special. From doing it in your own space to a rooftop’s sunset view of New York City. Keep in mind the important part, asking your special someone to join you as a lifelong partner. Keeping that front and center in your mind will help you create the perfect proposal.