Ever wondered how to have the perfect, unique proposal? We know everyone likes to be original, which is why Enchanting Engagements always strives for personalizing and customizing pieces to add in your proposal. If you were to google search “proposals”, I’m sure the first thing you notice would be roses. Roses are a staple piece that symbolizes love, passion, and romance. Roses are a big part of our proposals, but we use them in different ways that are conducive to our couple/client’s story, relationship, and overall journey together. We use roses as individual stems, petals, and bouquets, and incorporate them into our aisles, red carpets, heart-shaped pieces where our clients get down on one knee, in vases, in centerpieces, and even as a mantle to decorate our sweets and champagne tables.

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In addition to roses, we like to work with all types of flowers. Some of you may want to gear away from roses because you may think they’re too generic, or too basic and you may be looking for something more original for your partner. We’ve taken our time to study the maintenance and needs of many flowers to make sure you get the best of the best during your proposal day. We notice that other popular flowers we get requested are peonies and tulips. Peonies look super gentle, pure, and innocent, which adds a level of class and intimacy to our setups. Tulips are definitely an attention grabber! These flowers don’t need much support from other decor pieces, as they pop on their own. We love to use them in individual vases, as their size and look flourish enough by themselves.

You may ask how else can I be more original and less generic. We always recommend playing with color and certain themes. We have been mixing popular themes this year with timeless elements, like roses, to give our clients the ultimate romantic scene. For example, you can use roses but mix them with pampas grass and give it a more boho, beachy feel, and/or use colored tulips to give your proposal a more tropical, bright energy, especially for a partner that has a super bubbly, outgoing personality. Overall, the best-recommended way to do a proposal is to use a mix of timeless elements with a trendy theme and always, always add touches that are personal to your partner, such as their favorite hobbies, flowers, activities, shows, etc that’ll show them you thought with intention and purpose to make this proposal an unforgettable experience!

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