If you’re visiting NYC for the first time or have not been able to explore it as much, we know that looking for specific things to do can be draining! NYC is truly the city that NEVER sleeps! Let Enchanting Engagements help you find the most romantic and/or celebration settings during your engagement season! 

We had previously talked about the importance of relaxing and reflecting before your engagement, as well as celebrating and enjoying the moment with loved ones right after you hear that YES!  Below, we will include a couple of activities that can be done right here in NYC to help set the tone of love and connection right before and/or right after you pop the question. 

AIRE Ancient Baths:

It is described as an “oasis of tranquility”. Let yourself be guided by the candlelight and the aroma of orange blossom and complete your experience with a massage or ritual to achieve a state of total relaxation of body and mind.

Rooftop Cinema Club:

Arrive early to immerse yourself in the cityscape and enjoy a full bar and food menu from Embassy Suites. Then grab your classic cinema concessions from the box office and select your seats. When the movie starts, you’ll be able to live completely in those movie moments with state-of-the-art wireless headphones and an amazing view of our new LED screen.

Rooftop Reds:

Rooftop Reds is the first urban rooftop vineyard in the world. While most people wouldn’t expect to see a vineyard growing in New York, the founder says it’s all about science. The Rooftop Reds seems to bring together the best of both worlds, and clients can enjoy their privileged view of the city while sitting in the middle of a vineyard.

One if By Land, Two if by Sea

This restaurant offers gourmet food in a historic setting. Formerly the site of Aaron Burr’s carriage house, the eatery is characterized by several fireplaces, a live piano player, and 200-year-old paintings. The ambiance is one of old-world elegance and romance, with a touch of cool. Established in 1973, One if by Land, Two if by Sea soon became the go-to spot in NYC for engagements, anniversaries, and weddings. More people are said to have announced their engagement here than at any other restaurant in Manhattan.