Special Events


From the first to the fifty-first, love and union are always worth celebrating. From laid-back days of relaxation to a large party for family and friends, we have New York City event planners available for each type of anniversary event.


Our picnics provide the perfect opportunity to get together with family and friends. Maybe you have a special announcement or you’re reconnecting with people close in your life, picnics take a regular get-together to the next level. Our New York City event planners will take care of your special event, including themes that fit any group with numerous locations available. Food, drinks, and a carefree ambiance are included. Reservations can be made for all sizes of groups starting with 2 people.


There is a lot of organizing that goes into making a day unforgettable. Don’t take on all the stress, let us help! We can set you up with a specialized event planner in New York City, ensuring your birthday event will run smoothly. This way you can prepare yourself for the event and also enjoy the birthday!

Romantic Dates

Creating a romantic evening all on your own isn’t easy. Let our specialized event planners in New York City take care of the hassle and provide a carefree event. We have endless romantic ideas to knock the socks off of your partner! Ask us how we can create a night you won’t forget!