Marriage Proposal Trends 2024

Marriage Proposal Trends 2024

Ever wondered how to have the perfect, unique proposal? We know everyone likes to be original, which is why Enchanting Engagements always strives for personalizing and customizing pieces to add in your proposal. If you were to google search “proposals”, I’m sure the first thing you notice would be roses. Roses are a staple piece that symbolizes love, passion, and romance. Roses are a big part of our proposals, but we use them in different ways that are conducive to our couple/client’s story, relationship, and overall journey together. We use roses as individual stems, petals, and bouquets, and incorporate them into our aisles, red carpets, heart-shaped pieces where our clients get down on one knee, in vases, in centerpieces, and even as a mantle to decorate our sweets and champagne tables.

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In addition to roses, we like to work with all types of flowers. Some of you may want to gear away from roses because you may think they’re too generic, or too basic and you may be looking for something more original for your partner. We’ve taken our time to study the maintenance and needs of many flowers to make sure you get the best of the best during your proposal day. We notice that other popular flowers we get requested are peonies and tulips. Peonies look super gentle, pure, and innocent, which adds a level of class and intimacy to our setups. Tulips are definitely an attention grabber! These flowers don’t need much support from other decor pieces, as they pop on their own. We love to use them in individual vases, as their size and look flourish enough by themselves.

You may ask how else can I be more original and less generic. We always recommend playing with color and certain themes. We have been mixing popular themes this year with timeless elements, like roses, to give our clients the ultimate romantic scene. For example, you can use roses but mix them with pampas grass and give it a more boho, beachy feel, and/or use colored tulips to give your proposal a more tropical, bright energy, especially for a partner that has a super bubbly, outgoing personality. Overall, the best-recommended way to do a proposal is to use a mix of timeless elements with a trendy theme and always, always add touches that are personal to your partner, such as their favorite hobbies, flowers, activities, shows, etc that’ll show them you thought with intention and purpose to make this proposal an unforgettable experience!

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Top 5 Romantic Destinations in New York City for a Dreamy Proposal

Top 5 Romantic Destinations in New York City for a Dreamy Proposal

It’s an easy decision, you know you’re ready and they’ve been dropping hints and expecting a surprise proposal. You’ve ordered the ring and it’s going to be here in just a week, but where do you get down on one knee? The location is just as important as the ring. From the moment your knee touches the ground to their arms wrapped around you after saying the “yes” you’ve been waiting for, that location becomes a monument in your relationship. Just like where you first met or had your first kiss. Years later, you’ll still be telling people that’s where you popped the question. Picking the right spot, and creating the perfect moment isn’t easy, but New York City offers five unforgettable locations to pop the question.

New York City, with its iconic skyline and endless charm, provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic surprise proposal. From scenic parks to historic landmarks, the city that never sleeps offers a multitude of enchanting spots to pop the question. If you’re planning a dreamy proposal in the Big Apple, look no further. Here are the top five romantic destinations to consider:

Bow Bridge

While there are multiple locations within Central Park, the Bow Bridge is a timeless spot for a proposal. With the shimmering lake and lush greenery as your backdrop, you can’t go wrong. As the sun sets behind the city, it creates a magical ambiance that’s perfect for the big moment.

Brooklyn Bridge:

Walking hand in hand across the Brooklyn Bridge or with the bridge in the backdrop, the city lights reflecting on the East River is an unforgettable experience. It’s a symbol of connection and a wonderful place to start your journey as an engaged couple.

Rooftop Proposals:

For a proposal with a view, head to our rooftop location with the Empire State building or Freedom tower as your backdrop. Surrounded by the sparkling lights of the city, you can pop the question against the iconic Manhattan skyline.

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NYC Rooftop Proposals

The High Line:

This elevated park on a disused rail line offers a unique and green setting for a proposal. Stroll through beautifully landscaped gardens and art installations before finding the perfect spot to ask the most important question of your life.

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Queens Park Proposal

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain:

Located in Central Park, the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain is another romantic spot. The ornate architecture and the soothing sound of the fountain make it a picturesque setting for a proposal.

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Bethesda Terrace Proposal

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with the thought of planning your dreamy proposal in New York City? Don’t worry; we’re here to help! Our expert surprise proposal planners specialize in creating unforgettable moments tailored to your unique love story. From selecting the perfect location to assigning photographers and coordinating all the details, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today to turn your New York City dream proposal into a reality. Let us handle the logistics, so you can focus on savoring the magical moment when you ask, “Will you marry me?” Your love story deserves an unforgettable beginning, and we’re here to make it happen.

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6 Tips To Execute A Magical Marriage Proposal With Enchanting Engagements

DIY Proposal Idea: Craft Your Own Magical Moment

DIY Proposal Idea: Craft Your Own Magical Moment

Are you envisioning a proposal that’s intimate, unique, and tailored to your relationship, but worried about breaking the bank? At Enchanting Engagements, we understand that not everyone wants or can afford an extravagant proposal, and that’s why we’ve created a solution that puts the power of creativity in your hands. Our rental package offers you the chance to design a custom marriage proposal, transforming any location into a fairytale setting, whether it’s in the heart of New York City or a place that holds special meaning to you both.

marry me sign rental
Marry Me Sign Rental

Creating Magic on a Budget

Our DIY proposal rental package is perfect for those who desire a proposal that’s more understated, yet still brimming with enchantment. We provide a selection of carefully curated items that will transform your chosen location into a dreamy wonderland. From elegant candles casting a warm glow to whimsical neon signs and captivating light-up lettering, our array of props will help you craft an atmosphere that’s entirely your own.

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Nature’s Perfection with Faux Flowers

The beauty of nature combined with the permanence of faux flowers creates a stunning contrast that elevates any proposal. Our rental package includes lifelike faux flowers that lend an air of romance and sophistication to your chosen setting. Imagine petals gently swaying in the breeze, their delicate hues adding a touch of magic to the moment you pop the question.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

Crafting the perfect proposal might seem daunting, but fear not—Enchanting Engagements is here to guide you through the process. We don’t just provide the props; we also offer detailed instructions and photos that lead you through the setup, ensuring that your vision comes to life effortlessly. Your personalized touch combined with our expert guidance guarantees a proposal that’s both genuine and enchanting.

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Uniquely Yours, Incredibly Magical

The magic of our rental package lies in its flexibility. You have the freedom to infuse your proposal with personal details that reflect your journey as a couple. The result? A moment that’s truly yours—one that tells your story and captures the essence of your relationship. Whether you met under the twinkling lights of a cityscape or share a fondness for a particular flower, your proposal will reflect the authenticity of your love.

Learn about our Rental Package here.

Contact Us to Begin Your Journey

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6 Tips To Execute A Magical Marriage Proposal With Enchanting Engagements

6 Tips To Execute A Magical Marriage Proposal With Enchanting Engagements

We can boast about being the expert proposal planners for the rest of eternity, but the truth is that we’re nothing without our amazing couples who trusted us.

An engagement is one of the most important moments in life, and for us to not just be a part but also to plan and execute it to perfection along with our clients is what we’ve loved the most.
Truth bombs aside, today we want to share a few tips to ensure that your surprise proposal is executed perfectly, which means – no awkward moments and amazing photos!

Communicate, communicate, communicate
There are two main people you need to communicate with on this very special day of your life. Number one is your partner. So a lot of times a couple does not come together to the venue, especially when there’s a backstory involved. For example, one of our couples lives miles apart – in New York and Seattle. He traveled from Seattle without her knowing, while she was bar hopping with her girlfriends. This involved both of them traveling separately to the venue. So here, he had to communicate with his partner’s friend who was in on the little secret. Depending on your backstory, you will need to communicate with your partner or a friend.
The second person to communicate with is your surprise proposal planner, one of our team members. They need to know whether you’ll arrive in 5 mins or 30 mins to ensure things are ready for you. So, a heads-up will be greatly appreciated.

Need help with finding a location to pop the question? Read our blog on Top New York City Proposal Locations

Lead your Partner
Once at the venue, you will see this amazing decor and forget your surroundings. We get it. Our decor is amazing! (Just kidding, not). In all seriousness, your partner is already in awe and is probably still taking it all in. So you need to step up and lead them down the aisle or the red carpet. Cause chances are that they will keep turning around to look at you, and stopping which does not make very good video and photo content.

Another important reason for doing this is that we have flowers, vases, photo frames, etc, all placed on both sides of the aisle. So two people cannot walk side-by-side without their feet touching the decor. So that’s why, lead your partner.

Step into the heart
While the decor differs for each proposal, we create a flower heart in front of the neon sign for 99 percent of our proposals. Once you walk down the aisle, make sure to enter into the heart and face each other for the proposal.

Looking for decor inspiration? Visit our Pinterest.

Turn to the side to face each other
Once you step into the heart, make sure the neon sign (Marry me or will you marry me) is to your left or right side, while you face your partner. Let us explain why.

If you’re standing with your face or your back towards the neon sign, the decor will not be a part of your proposal photos. Yes, everything that you paid for, will be out of the frame. Well, you’ll still have pictures of the decor, but your down-on-one-knee photo may have a different backdrop. So make sure, you remember this tip!

Keep your cool

We know the jitters and nerves kick in, but it’s important to keep your cool until the surprise proposal. Honestly, it pays to plan what you want to say in advance and focus on three points that you want to make sure are conveyed. This can help ensure that your message gets across clearly.

Just show up

Honestly, with all the back-and-forth conversations, our proposal planners have you covered. You just need to show up and live the magical moment with your soon-to-be fiancé.

To sum things up, Enchanting Engagements proposal planners will ensure that you have a stress-free marriage proposal, and if you need any answers, you just have to ask.

So are you ready to take the next step in your relationship?

Contact Enchanting Engagements today!