Getting down on one knee is a romantic gesture that has been a part of marriage proposals for centuries. This timeless tradition has been passed down through generations, and it still holds the same sentimental value today. When someone gets
down on one knee to propose, they are expressing their commitment and love in a special way.

What does it mean when someone gets down on one knee for a proposal?

When someone gets down on one knee for a proposal, it typically means that they are ready to make a lifelong commitment, take the relationship to the next level, and prove their love through this meaningful gesture. This time-honored tradition is often accompanied by an engagement ring presented in the same moment. The act of getting down on one knee to propose is a gesture that has been used for centuries and is a sign of respect and commitment. It is an iconic way to ask someone to marry you, and holds deep emotional significance for many couples.

The beginning of the ‘one knee’ tradition

Kneeling was a gesture of respect, obedience, and loyalty that the knights showed to their lords. It was also frequent in many religious celebrations to pray on your knees.
Since marriage and religion were often intertwined at the time, the one-knee tradition was common for both and found its way into the act of proposing. So when a gentleman wanted to express his commitment and lifelong devotion to the woman he loves, it was customary for him to kneel down on one knee and formally propose.


So which knee do you propose on?

Generally, people proposing marriage kneel down with their left knee. The ring box is usually held in their left hand, with the right hand being used to open it. This custom is followed due to most people being right-handed and so having better balance & control when kneeling on the left knee.
Kneeling on the left knee is ideal for a marriage proposal as it gives the proposer the ability to hold the ring box steady and open it with grace.
Contrary to popular belief, it is entirely possible to propose on your right knee. Even though “going down on one knee” is considered traditional, proposing any way you’d like doesn’t invalidate the gesture in any way!

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