Most people choose a diamond ring. It’s classic and I think it is what most assume they are getting on their finger when their partner proposes. I personally think the ring market needs to be a bit more creative. If you have your heart set on a beautiful diamond ring, there is nothing wrong with that. They are guaranteed to impress your partner so you can’t go wrong. I personally think that something other than a diamond will stand out more. If your partner is a bit more unique, you may want to consider another gemstone. A favorite of mine is an emerald stone. They make everyone look twice and have a lot of meaning behind them. Emeralds represent happy new beginnings, love and an eternal relationship. They are also said to side against memory loss and enhance intuition. I tend to think they make more of a statement than diamonds and you can always add diamonds to the ring as well. There’s a reason why this engagement ring makes more of a statement and it’s not just because of the color. The emerald has a lower density therefore it appears bigger on your hand and it looks much bigger next to a diamond. There are so many cool facts that go along with emeralds as well. Did you know that Cleopatra’s favorite stone was emerald and it is well documented. One final fact about emeralds is that they can actually be worth more than diamonds on a per carat basis. If your partner is a queen, you may want to consider the emerald as an engagement ring as well! A final benefit to buying your partner a emerald is, looking at an emerald actually calms the eye to reduce less strain on your eyes.

There are also rubies which always are a showstopper not to mention the ring that princesses are given as well. The ruby will glow when in the sunlight because of how they react to UV rays which makes them stand out when taking engagement photos! It’s hard not to get the perfect shot of this engagement ring. There is also a deeper meaning to rubies as well. Back in medieval times, they thought the rubies brought wisdom and that they fought against sorrow. To this day it is believed these stones still inspire the same ideas and are worn for similar reasons. They also create a sense of passion and love because of their dark red color. If you want to show your partner how much you love them with color and symbolism this might be the perfect engagement ring to propose with. When looking to propose the perfect ring, make sure to look at other options besides diamonds. They can be more affordable and have a deeper meaning while still being show stoppers.