If you wonder when the best time to propose is – well, it depends. Everyone has a story. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to this question; however, there are some timeline factors that can be taken into consideration to help you decide when to pop the big question.


Birthdays are such a wonderful disguise to prepare something extravagant for your significant other (“SO”) without being too suspicious. You may decide to take this opportunity to take your partner to an exotic location or on a special trip. The options are limitless in how creative you can get.

If your partner prefers something low-key, then you can make a reservation at his/her favorite restaurant and you can propose there. You can still make a lasting impression with your proposal even if it’s in a local restaurant.


This is a popular choice. You have already planned out your vacation time and are most likely visiting with family and friends. Why not throw in a proposal in there? This is a special time of the year with friends and family and thus makes it the perfect time to ask your partner to marry you.

New Years

New beginnings! This is an extravagant way to propose. Spirits are high and champagnes are flowing. This is the time for partying and toasting to the new year with friends. Look your partner in the eyes, give them that kiss when the clock strikes midnight, and go on bended knee and ask away. Now, that’s how you start off your year with a bang!

Significant Dates

If you don’t want to pick a date that is associated with any holidays, you can aim for dates that hold meaning to you and your SO. This can be when you had your first kiss, when you first said “I love you”, your first date, your first meeting, etc. Picking significant

dates such as the above may appear simple but they truly hold such an intimate meaning that you and your partner only share which makes it extra special.

Enchanting Engagements prefers the anniversary proposal, lot of feelings involved and we always go extra mile to make sure we have created the fairytalke proposal your partner dreamed of.