One of the best places to go for proposals in New York City is Brooklyn Bridge. It is a beautiful place with a lot of scenic views and a lot of great photo opportunities.
However, if you want to be a little more private, then you can go to Central Park. Just find an area that is more secluded and where you won’t feel too crowded for an intimate moment with your partner.
Brooklyn Bridge is a suspension bridge that crosses the East River in New York City, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. It was also the very first steel-wire suspension bridge to be constructed.

Why Choose Brooklyn Bridge For A Surprise Marriage Proposal?

  1. Make it memorable: The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the United States and a cultural icon of New York City. A proposal can be a very memorable moment in someone’s life. As such, it is important to make sure that
    you are doing it at the right place and time so that it will be perfect for you and your partner.
  2. Views: It has an iconic view of NYC’s Downtown with gorgeous views of the bridges. It is located in DUMBO and is conveniently close to all the iconic areas, including being a stone’s throw away from Brooklyn or Manhattan bridges. After your proposal, you can spend more time in this area with tons of dining options.
  3. Convenience: It is convenient to get here by taxi, but public transport or driving may not be the best option.

Here’s what you need to know while proposing near Brooklyn Bridge:

  • 21 days permit: If you’re planning to propose at Brooklyn Bridge Park you’ll need to submit an application at least 21 days prior to your requested event date. Your reservation is considered final only when you receive a permit from Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • Public space: It is a public park and is usually crowded, especially on weekends. So if you or your partner are uncomfortable in a crowded place, or need privacy, avoid weekends.
  • Limited decoration: Setting up staging or tables for ceremonies in the park is not allowed. Other decorations like confetti, glitter, balloons, flower petals (real or fake), or anything similar that disturbs the soil, cannot be used in the Park.
  • Flowers: You can use whole flowers, but they must be in vases. As we already mentioned, flower petals cannot be used.
  • Duration: A permit may be granted for up to 3 hours, but does not grant exclusive access to any space in the park.
  • Photography: There’s a beautiful light at sunset, and gives that golden glow to your photos. The weekday afternoons are usually less crowded than on the weekends and may be a good time for photoshoots. It also has multiple locations for photoshoots, so you’re not stuck with just one view.
  • Best time: Although the views are amazing throughout the day, sunrise and sunset are the best time. You will not only avoid crowds but also the photographs will be different.
  • Parking: It is best to use a taxi to get there, as parking is limited, and you don’t want to be late or struggle to find parking on your special day.
  • Location: There is no covered space in the park, so you will need to plan your clothing and day accordingly.
  • Rescheduling: The permit fees are non-refundable, but you can reschedule in case of weather or other reasons. You will need to contact the park services at least 24 hours prior to the date of the permit to reschedule.

We hope this gives you more clarity if you are planning to propose at Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. If you’re looking for an engagement planner or surprise proposal planner, please reach out to us. Our Enchanting Engagements team will help you
through the process and ensure your proposal is a memorable one for you and your partner!