We can boast about being the expert proposal planners for the rest of eternity, but the truth is that we’re nothing without our amazing couples who trusted us.

An engagement is one of the most important moments in life, and for us to not just be a part but also to plan and execute it to perfection along with our clients is what we’ve loved the most.
Truth bombs aside, today we want to share a few tips to ensure that your surprise proposal is executed perfectly, which means – no awkward moments and amazing photos!

Communicate, communicate, communicate
There are two main people you need to communicate with on this very special day of your life. Number one is your partner. So a lot of times a couple does not come together to the venue, especially when there’s a backstory involved. For example, one of our couples lives miles apart – in New York and Seattle. He traveled from Seattle without her knowing, while she was bar hopping with her girlfriends. This involved both of them traveling separately to the venue. So here, he had to communicate with his partner’s friend who was in on the little secret. Depending on your backstory, you will need to communicate with your partner or a friend.
The second person to communicate with is your surprise proposal planner, one of our team members. They need to know whether you’ll arrive in 5 mins or 30 mins to ensure things are ready for you. So, a heads-up will be greatly appreciated.

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Lead your Partner
Once at the venue, you will see this amazing decor and forget your surroundings. We get it. Our decor is amazing! (Just kidding, not). In all seriousness, your partner is already in awe and is probably still taking it all in. So you need to step up and lead them down the aisle or the red carpet. Cause chances are that they will keep turning around to look at you, and stopping which does not make very good video and photo content.

Another important reason for doing this is that we have flowers, vases, photo frames, etc, all placed on both sides of the aisle. So two people cannot walk side-by-side without their feet touching the decor. So that’s why, lead your partner.

Step into the heart
While the decor differs for each proposal, we create a flower heart in front of the neon sign for 99 percent of our proposals. Once you walk down the aisle, make sure to enter into the heart and face each other for the proposal.

Looking for decor inspiration? Visit our Pinterest.

Turn to the side to face each other
Once you step into the heart, make sure the neon sign (Marry me or will you marry me) is to your left or right side, while you face your partner. Let us explain why.

If you’re standing with your face or your back towards the neon sign, the decor will not be a part of your proposal photos. Yes, everything that you paid for, will be out of the frame. Well, you’ll still have pictures of the decor, but your down-on-one-knee photo may have a different backdrop. So make sure, you remember this tip!

Keep your cool

We know the jitters and nerves kick in, but it’s important to keep your cool until the surprise proposal. Honestly, it pays to plan what you want to say in advance and focus on three points that you want to make sure are conveyed. This can help ensure that your message gets across clearly.

Just show up

Honestly, with all the back-and-forth conversations, our proposal planners have you covered. You just need to show up and live the magical moment with your soon-to-be fiancé.

To sum things up, Enchanting Engagements proposal planners will ensure that you have a stress-free marriage proposal, and if you need any answers, you just have to ask.

So are you ready to take the next step in your relationship?

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