Love has a magical way of inspiring us to create extraordinary moments for our loved ones. For my client Sean, his love for his fiancée and her favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast, sparked an enchanting idea for a custom-themed proposal. Together, we embarked on a journey to create a beauty and the beast-themed proposal and to transform a rooftop space into a ballroom straight out of a fairy tale that would make their dreams come true.

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Beauty & The Beast theme proposal

Setting the Stage:
The first step in crafting the perfect proposal was to find a location that captured the essence of the Beauty and the Beast ballroom scene. After careful consideration, we chose the magnificent “Above the Clouds” rooftop venue. Its breathtaking chandelier and its stunning view overlooking St. Patrick’s Cathedral created an ambiance reminiscent of the grandeur of the movie’s castle.

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Creating Enchantment:
To truly bring the fairy tale to life, attention to detail was paramount. We spared no effort in transforming the space into a magical realm. One of the most iconic symbols from the movie, the enchanted rose, took center stage on the mantle of the fireplace. Its soft glow gave a sense of everlasting love and added a touch of whimsy to the room.

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Dreamy Romanticism:
To evoke the dreamy romantic feel of the ballroom scene, we adorned the space with candles and roses, creating an atmosphere of pure romance. The room was meticulously designed to create an enchanting backdrop for this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

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The Proposal:
As the evening unfolded, the stage was set for Sean to take his beloved on a journey to a world of magic and romance. Hand in hand, they entered the transformed ballroom, their hearts filled with anticipation and love. The gentle music playing in the background added to the ethereal atmosphere, creating a sense of timelessness.

With a heartfelt speech and a trembling hand, Sean dropped to one knee, presenting a ring, and SHE SAID YES!

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Love stories are written in many different ways, and for Sean and his fiancée, their tale was beautifully intertwined with the magic of Beauty and the Beast. Through meticulous planning and thoughtful execution, we were able to create a proposal that transported them into a world of enchantment. As they embark on their journey towards happily ever after, they will forever cherish this moment, where fantasy met reality, and love reigned supreme. It was a testament to the power of imagination, attention to detail, and the unyielding desire to make someone’s dreams come true.

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