You’ve found love, whether it was in high school, college, or through your dating app.
Now it’s time to make it stick – but planning the perfect proposal is no mean feat.
What is the Process of Planning a Marriage Proposal?
When it comes to marriage proposals, there are no set rules. It’s about the person proposing and their partner. Some people might want a big proposal with a romantic dinner and an engagement ring, while others might prefer something more low-key.
A marriage proposal should be thoughtful and well-planned for maximum success. It is a magical moment where you get to ask the one you love to spend the rest of their life with you. You can ask friends and family for help in executing the plan or help with finding the right ring. Or, if you’re planning a surprise proposal, ask us!

Tips For The Best Way To Ask Someone To Marry You

Planning the perfect marriage proposal can be a daunting task. There are many things to think about, and you want it to be perfect.
The first thing you should do is decide on the location for your proposal. This can be tricky because it needs to be somewhere your partner will love but also somewhere that you feel comfortable. If you like a public or touristy place, ensure that it doesn’t make your partner uncomfortable or put them on edge. You should also consider what time of day is best for the proposal – this will depend on what season it is and how long they usually take to get ready if you’re thinking of morning. You may also want to think about what you want to do after the engagement to decide the time. You can plan your surprise proposal to be followed by dinner or lunch to call it a day.

5 Expert Tips from Enchanting Engagements on How to Plan the Perfect Marriage Proposal

Pick your location:
New York has some amazing proposal locations, and we can help you pick one that suits your preferences. If you’re comfortable with a public proposal Central Park has some of the best locations like Bethesda terrace, summerhouse, cop cot, and ladies’ pavilion. Simply let us know the location of your choice!
Before you pick a location, you must ensure your partner is comfortable too. Since you’re the one who is planning, don’t forget to incorporate their preferences too, cause at the end of the day, you’re doing it for them.

Incorporate music:
Every romantic scene is incomplete without background music, or so we say. If you wish to take the surprise proposal to a whole different level, ensure both of your favorite melodies are playing when they arrive. Many of our couples have live musicians and believe us, it’s the final flourish.

Make sure she loves how she looks:
This one is important since it’s a memory both of you will cherish forever. You may have to lie, but it is for the greater good!
One of our clients had their partner think they were going to the Fireman’s Ball. Her reaction was priceless, and most importantly she was dressed for it.

Hire an Engagement Photographer:
Hiring a professional photographer will ensure you capture every moment of your proposal. If your partner has no idea, you will treasure epic reactions. We repeatedly say, please don’t trust your future sister-in-law and her iPhone!
Believe us, your partner will love you more for finding somebody to document this special occasion. Visit our Instagram to see some epic reactions and photos from surprise proposals.

Personalize for your partner:
Remember, it is about the two of you. You will ask them to marry you, but tell them why you want to marry them.
Reference to things that are just between the two of you like a special memory, or words. You can also include her favorite song or movie reference. Recently, one of our clients incorporated Harry Potter references into their surprise proposal as their partner is a huge fan. They also had a live musician playing Harry Potter music in the background, while we included fog and the train for the feel.

Finally, Enchanting Engagements can help you plan the most Romantic Marriage Proposal that you and your partner will cherish forever. We are expert surprise proposal planners in New York and also cater to personalized and customized preferences.