8 Reasons why you should propose in a public space in New York City

8 Reasons why you should propose in a public space in New York City

There are so many options that it can be overwhelming when choosing a space to propose. No worries, we’ve summed up the eight best reasons to pick a public place for your big day. Enchanting Engagements is always here to help with your special events.

·         Easy to get your fiancé to the location. Trying to keep the secret proposal under wraps can be difficult, picking a public location makes it easier to get there without looking suspicious.

·         Lots of space for family and friends. Private indoor spaces can limit the number of guests. You also don’t have an unlimited amount of space to create a finite number of viewers and would only have fewer spaces to hide before the surprise.

·         Public locations are often pet friendly! Places such as parks and pavilions are pet-friendly allowing your furry friends to be a part of your big day.

·         Various venue choices. From parks to walkways, bridges, and pavilions, there is a lengthy list of spaces to choose from depending on your needs and vision for the day.

·         Outdoor venues are often a huge cost saver allowing for a focus on décor and bigger things like photography, music, and videography.

·         Public venues are often more readily available allowing for both last-minute bookings and more often than not your time of choice.

·         You can often revisit the venue for special occasions. Rather than a once-in-a-lifetime spot, you can visit at any time such as when you’re feeling nostalgic. You can even bring your kids or other family members to this venue or bring those people who may have missed the original event.

·         The amazing views! Some of our favorite outdoor venues include the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and numerous pavilions located around New York City.

How do you unlock these secret locations? Your event planner of course. New York natives, Enchanting Engagements, and their proposal planners know the best spots to catch that perfect sunset to the romantic beachfront. From two weeks to two days’ notice, our seasoned experts have a place in mind for you.