Planning a marriage proposal is not always easy. It can be hard to find the perfect time and the perfect place. There are many things to consider and can make a ton of difference like:
How will you pop the question?
Will you get down on one knee or will you use a ring box?
How will your partner react?
Will they say yes?

The good news is that Enchanting Engagements is here to help you Plan the Perfect Marriage Proposal. And here’s why you need an expert marriage proposal planner.

Make your proposal memorable!

You know the first question people ask when you announce your engagement? How did they propose?
And if you don’t have a personalized and exciting story to tell, well, meh.

Marriage Proposals are and will always be special to the couple, but you can make it memorable and gather all the ooh’s and aah’s from your teary-eyed friends and family with just a little help from Enchanting Engagements.

To Enjoy The Moment And Leave The Planning To The Experts:

There are many ways to propose, but the key is to make it a moment that will be unforgettable for both of you. It’s important to remember that this should be a proposal tailored to the individual, so don’t assume what you would want is the same for your partner. We have a set of questions to help understand what your partner likes, and will help you personalize it for them. Trust us, the little things also matter along with the big gesture.

To Make Your Marriage Proposal A Success!

How do you successfully propose to your significant other?

A proposal is a rite of passage for many and is seen as a defining moment in one’s life.
There are a few ways to do it, but the key is making sure you’re ready for the commitment. For D-day, Enchanting Engagements will help you plan and execute the best surprise proposal for your partner. We help you pick the location of your choice and set up the decor, music, and photographer to capture every single moment. We ensure that your proposal is a success, and is just what you envisioned.

Services Enchanting Engagements Offer?

1- Elegant Proposal Packages

2- Rooftop Proposal Packages

3- Elite Proposal Packages

4- Elopement Services in New York