Crafting the perfect caption for your engagement announcement can be difficult. Whether you want to show your love in a heartfelt way, or make it fun, there are plenty of options to choose from that represent your relationship perfectly – no matter what fits your Instagram aesthetic!

Show your love and appreciation to your partner with an adorably heartfelt engagement post. Writing a long heartfelt message is always an amazing way to share the news of your engagement but if you want it to stay intimate, you can use these cute captions instead. They are perfect for expressing the news without getting too sappy.

Cute Engagement Captions:

  • This is another chapter of the story that we are writing together
  • Does this ring make me look engaged?
  • My heart is lighter, my hand is heavier
  • We’ve decided on forever
  • I look at you and I know I’m home
  • The easiest “Yes”
  • I already knew you were the one, but now I have proof
  • We’ll be the cutest old couple ever
  • Woke up a fiancé.

Celebrity Engagement Announcement Captions

In the age of social media, celebrity engagement announcements are a huge part of the fan experience. Not only do they give fans a glimpse into the intimate moments shared between two people, but they also provide an opportunity for them to engage with their favorite celebrities and share in their joy. If you love everything celeb, here is a blog about Celebrity Engagement Rings. But first, here are some of the celebrity announcement captions for your inspiration!

“Committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you, loving you patiently and kindly.” – Justin Bieber

“I Feel Complete” – Ciara

“Taken. With all my heart and soul.” – Priyanka Chopra

“When you find your soulmate, you don’t just know it. You feel it.” – Paris Hilton

“My love. My life. My family. My future.” – Lindsay Lohan

Ready to announce your engagement on social media? Find the best photo from the day and choose one of the above engaging captions that stands out. Make sure you put extra thought into it and make it as creative as possible!

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