Steph came to us five days before Valentine’s day telling us that she wanted to create a special proposal for her and her girlfriend. She was ready to propose but wasn’t sure how to create a perfect proposal. We talked on the phone for a bit where I found out their love story. They had known each other for several years, and recently her girlfriend had decided to move out to NYC to be with her full time! Moved by this gesture, Steph knew that she wanted to propose to Felicia because she was the girl she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. I wanted to create the most epic engagement but personal moment that we possibly could and came up with four ideas.

After our phone call I started to brainstorm while looking at the answers from our enchanting engagement questionnaire that she filled out. It’s exciting reading the answers because the ideas start to flow and I can be as creative as I can within the given budget. One idea that really stuck for Steph was creating a poem that explained their love story, as a personal touch for the proposal. I asked Steph to tell me their story with specific moments that were really meaningful and asked her to describe her partner and what she loved most about her. Through this information, I created a poem for them that was presented at the engagement, framed next to a candle. Steph was also not sure what she wanted to say. She had something written out which I helped her perfect so that it would be easier to read in the moment.

We settled on doing the proposal in central park, in Shakespeare’s garden. One of Central Parks hidden gems with so much history as well. Shakespeare who was known for some of the most romantic poems and stories in history seemed like a perfect symbolic place to have this engagement proposal. In the garden we decided to have an extra touch and had photos of them leading up to the proposal spot. As they walked around the garden, we had a beautiful heart filled with roses and rose petals where the “Marry Me” sign was set up on the bench right behind the heart. We had the photographer there who captured the couples perfect proposal moments. With the help of a photographer and Steph giving us the perfect amount of time to set up and create a momentous surprise. Felicia was completely surprised and blown away. We had lights strung throughout the trees so that it we had enough lighting for the photographer. All of their friends and family were walking behind them to celebrate the moment, making it an incredible celebration of love.

After they had proposed, they headed off to dinner. Steph mentioned that they wanted a place to celebrate after and asked if we could provide a reservation for them. With only five days’ notice, and indoor dining newly available, it was not an easy task to find a restaurant with availability. Luckily I did some research and made a couple of phone calls and gave her a couple of options. I created a document that laid out the menu and drinks options of the restaurants I had made reservations at. They ended up choosing a classic Italian restaurant well known for its excellent food. I made sure the restaurant knew it was their special night, and even had them adjust their party size as she informed me more people would be attending. This was a fun challenge that ended up working out perfectly. We can’t wait to do it again!