You really only get one shot at a proposal, and you want to make that moment count. At Enchanting Engagements, we help people execute magical marriage proposals that are memorable and romantic and show your partner how much you care about them.

For your convenience, we’ve curated a list that’s packed with marriage proposal ideas. There’s something for every couple, whether you’re planning something low-key and intimate or something grand and public. 

Classic and Timeless Proposal Ideas

Romantic Dinner Proposal

Looking for ideas for proposing marriage that never go out of style? How about a romantic dinner? A nice meal, drinks, and a lovely ambiance could be the perfect setting for your proposal, especially if you opt for a high-end restaurant or a meaningful location for you and your partner. 

Sunset or Sunrise Proposal

There are few things as picturesque and romantic as a beautiful sunrise or sunset! Best enjoyed at a beach or another scenic viewpoint, both sunrise and sunset make for stunning backdrops to a proposal. Though sunrises are easier to photograph (most people are asleep!), they do require waking up early. If that’s not your preference, sunset is an equally gorgeous time of day.  

Adventure and Travel Proposals

Destination Proposal

Need ideas for a marriage proposal that’s a little more adventurous? You could propose while on vacation, whether it’s to a beach resort or an exotic destination elsewhere. A destination proposal can be incredibly exciting and special. Plus you’ll have a great engagement story to tell!

Outdoor Adventure Proposal

Do you and your partner love the great outdoors? Consider proposing during a hike somewhere special. For thrill-seekers wanting an unforgettable proposal moment, you could pop the question while skydiving or riding in a hot air balloon. 

Personal and Intimate Proposals

Home Sweet Home Proposal

Want ideas to propose marriage in an intimate way? Proposing at home is a great option. Your home is a comfortable place that you can transform into a romantic setting. You could even turn your space into a Beauty and the Beast-esque setting!

Memory Lane Proposal

Another intimate proposal idea is to pop the question in a place that’s significant to your relationship’s history. This could be where you first met, had your first date, or had your first kiss, for example. 

Family and Friends Involvement 

Surprise Party Proposal

If you’d like family and friends involved in the proposal, you could simply invite them to witness the big moment by arranging a surprise party. You could have them stay out of sight until the moment you get down on one knee. 

Pet Participation Proposal

Looking for marriage proposals ideas that include your furry friend? Involve a beloved pet in the proposal by hanging a cute message on their collar, attaching the ring to their collar, or simply bringing them along for the moment. 

Public and Grand Gesture Proposals

Flash Mob Proposal

Coordinating a flash mob in a public space will make for an exhilarating and unforgettable proposal. It demonstrates your adoration for your partner in a big way — just make absolutely sure they’re ready to get married before launching into a grand public gesture!

Public Landmark Proposal

If you want your proposal to be a big public declaration of your love and are confident you’ll receive a yes, consider proposing at a famous landmark or during a major event like a concert or sports game. 

Technology and Social Media Proposals

Virtual Reality Proposal

Want a uniquely 21st-century proposal? Use VR technology to create an immersive and one-of-a-kind proposal experience that will blow your partner away. 

Social Media Surprise

Another fun and modern proposal idea is to plan a social media campaign that makes a public declaration of your love and proposal. That’s sure to surprise your partner once they come across it!

Create a Personal and Romantic Proposal

Before you work out the details of your proposal, ensure your idea suits both you and your partner. Then you can find a way to personalize the proposal so that it’s meaningful to your unique and special relationship. 

If you have any questions about hiring a proposal planner, we encourage you to contact us. We’d also be happy to hear any proposal ideas or stories you’d like to share in our comments below!

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Most Common Questions People Also Ask 

How can I make my marriage proposal unique?

A surefire way to make your proposal unique is to personalize it. We wouldn’t give any marriage proposal idea that doesn’t include some degree of customization, such as bringing your partner’s favorite flowers, arranging for live music, or incorporating photos of the two of you in the decorations. If you’re looking for something a little more outside the box, you could opt for a flash mob or major event proposal!

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What are some romantic yet simple marriage proposal ideas? 

Looking for proposing marriage ideas that are a little more low-key and romantic? You could propose on the beach during sunrise or sunset. You could also arrange to meet at the location of your first date or at your favorite restaurant. 

How do I plan a surprise marriage proposal?

If your partner is expecting or hoping for a proposal, they may be on the lookout for signs. If you want your proposal to stay a surprise, there are a few things you should do. First, tell as few people as possible. This will limit the chances someone will let something slip. 

It also helps to hire a proposal planner who can take care of the details. That way, your partner won’t catch you buying decorations or on the phone trying to hire a photographer!

What are the best locations for a memorable marriage proposal? 

At Enchanting Engagements, we know all the best locations for proposals in NYC. Ultimately, your preference in location will depend on your personal tastes. If you want something more intimate and private, you can propose at home, in nature, or at a small restaurant. For a grander gesture, you can propose in more crowded areas or in places significant to your relationship, like where you first met. 

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How can I involve family and friends in the proposal?

You can involve family and friends by simply inviting them to the proposal spot and keeping them out of sight until the big moment (depending on your preferences). You could also propose at a surprise party for your partner or have them participate in a flash mob.